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Life Extension

It Is Not Just About Feeling Younger – It Is About Actually Becoming Younger

We Increase NAD+ Levels And Extend Healthspan
Extending Lifespan Is Automatic
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The Fountain Of Youth

Our Products Help Prevent Ageing And Age-related Diseases. 

With our unique products Vitalge is at the forefront in the prevention of, and fight against ageing, inflammation, loss of vitality, compromised immune systems and cognitive decline. We promote youthfulness, cellular rejuvenation, endurance, anti-ageing, extended health, life extension and healthy longevity so you can reach your unlimited potential.


Proven Products That Make You Healthier
Helping You Fight Ageing So You Can Live Longer

Ageing Is Not Inevitable

Vitalge Smart Health Hero


Be Smarter - Be Healthier

Improve your endurance. Speed up your recovery. Our range of “Smart-Health” life extension and anti-ageing powders take clean protein supplements to a whole new level.

Vitalge keeps you healthy so that you can look great and live longer. Our Smart-health range of supplements are no different. What sets our Smart-health products apart is that they increase lifespan AND healthspan with life extension and anti-ageing benefits.


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Your Skin Remembers – Look After It

Rebuild Your Skin From The Inside Out

Fine Lines | Age Spots | UV Damage | Wrinkles | Elasticity | Pores | Redness | Tone

Vitalge Anti-ageing skincare


Refresh, Rejuvenate, Regenerate

Today’s harsh environment, a changing climate, poor diet, a stressful lifestyle, not enough sleep and a rushed skincare routine are all factors that can lead to malnourished and prematurely ageing skin. Using only pure essential oils and ancient botanical extracts our Glow™ skincare range has been specifically formulated to penetrate deep into your skin to nourish you from the inside out.


Smart Health



Life Extension

Angti Ageing


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making it easier for you to be healthier, live longer and look better
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We are a 3rd generation South African nutraceutical and cosmoceutical company focussed on producing health and beauty products that target, slow down and help treat the onset, signs, symptoms and severity of ageing and age-related diseases.
By collaborating with the world’s best and combining the intelligence of modern science with the wisdom of ancient medicines we produce next level smart health, anti-ageing and life extension products. We do this so you can be your best self, feel and look better and live healthier for longer.