Month: October 2018

Adaptogens - The New Awesome

Adaptogens – the new Awesome!

(3 minute read)

Imagine being able to take a medicine that has the power to go through your body and automatically identifies what is wrong. Imagine a medicine that is so intelligent and so powerful that it stops, fixes what is wrong and then without skipping a beat moves onto the next problem. We live in a modern world where that sounds like the holy grail of medicine, or a miracle cure.

Vitalge Anti-ageing Image

Longevity vs. Anti-ageing

(2 minute read)

Turns out there is a fairly simple explanation. Initially, many years ago when science started looking into how they can extend lives they referred to the industry as the “anti-ageing” industry and their products as “anti-ageing products”. What in fact was happening was that the scientists were merely referring to the outward effect of ageing – your skin, hair, wrinkles, etc.