Month: July 2019

Vitalge Journey Image

Our Journey To Longevity

(20 minute read)

And so our project turned into a kitchen full of anti-ageing, cell rejuvenating, life extending, longevity promoting, smart health food, adaptogens and nutritional supplements (don’t forget the dark chocolate and Red wine – because they have Resveratrol). Naturally it did not take long before all our notes for this research project became an inevitable 60-page self-published – you guessed it – eBook.

A picture of a Telomere

What Are Telomeres?

(3 minute read)

Telomeres are the two protective endcaps at the end of each of your chromosomes (the molecules in most of our cells that contain your genetic information). The easiest way to explain telomeres is to compare them to the plastic endcaps on your shoelaces. They are responsible for cell division and also protecting the chromosome from freying. As long as they are able to successfully divide and recreate your DNA code the intent of your cells stay in tact.