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Our Journey To Longevity

And so our project turned into a kitchen full of anti-ageing, cell rejuvenating, life extending, longevity promoting, smart health food, adaptogens and nutritional supplements (don’t forget the dark chocolate and Red wine – because they have Resveratrol). Naturally it did not take long before all our notes for this research project became an inevitable 60-page self-published – you guessed it – eBook.

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The Science Behind Life Force

In this post we will be explaining the fantastic mode of action Life Force (our premium life extension supplement) has. We will do this by giving away just enough of our “trade-craft” to make you more knowledgable, yet still remain mysterious. In years gone by, when big Pharma had the monopoly, the science and IP were positioned as “trade secrets” which existed behind curtains to which only a privileged few had access – certainly not James Average. Because at Vitalge we say things like “let food be your medicine”, “don’t live to eat – eat to live” and “we believe in healthcare not sickcare”, it is important to us that you understand how Vitalge and its products can help you.

A picture of a Telomere

What Are Telomeres?

Telomeres are the two protective endcaps at the end of each of your chromosomes (the molecules in most of our cells that contain your genetic information). The easiest way to explain telomeres is to compare them to the plastic endcaps on your shoelaces. They are responsible for cell division and also protecting the chromosome from freying. As long as they are able to successfully divide and recreate your DNA code the intent of your cells stay in tact.

Adaptogens - The New Awesome

Adaptogens – the new Awesome!

Imagine being able to take a medicine that has the power to go through your body and automatically identifies what is wrong. Imagine a medicine that is so intelligent and so powerful that it stops, fixes what is wrong and then without skipping a beat moves onto the next problem. We live in a modern world where that sounds like the holy grail of medicine, or a miracle cure.

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Longevity vs. Anti-ageing

Turns out there is a fairly simple explanation. Initially, many years ago when science started looking into how they can extend lives they referred to the industry as the “anti-ageing” industry and their products as “anti-ageing products”. What in fact was happening was that the scientists were merely referring to the outward effect of ageing – your skin, hair, wrinkles, etc.