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Our Journey To Longevity

(20 minute read)

And so our project turned into a kitchen full of anti-ageing, cell rejuvenating, life extending, longevity promoting, smart health food, adaptogens and nutritional supplements (don’t forget the dark chocolate and Red wine – because they have Resveratrol). Naturally it did not take long before all our notes for this research project became an inevitable 60-page self-published – you guessed it – eBook.

Vitalge Essential Oils

Essential Oils

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Wether you are talking about the ancient Aztecs, ancient Chinese, ancient Indians or ancient Aborigines – since the dawn of civilization, people have turned to the power of plants for healing purposes, but one folk medicine in particular seems more popular than ever: essential oils.

Today, there’s renewed interest in using essentials oils in skincare products due to the fact that it is a natural product, not tested on animals, alcohol free and free of chemicals often found in modern-day synthetically made or laboratory prepared skincare products.  

How to boost your immune system

How To Boost Your Immune System (And Lung Function)

(10 minute read)

In order for a virus to infect your body it must enter your cells to be able to survive. This is because viruses cannot replicate on their own, instead they must hijack your cellular infrastructure and leverage it to make copies of themselves. Once enough copies have been made infected cells burst open and new copies of the virus is released and freed to infect neighbouring cells.  Boosting your cellular NAD+ levels and sirtuin activity may be a good way to boost your immune system and protect yourself from viral infections. You can boost your NAD+ levels through supplementation, but there are certain superfoods that gives you a natural push.

Vitalge Collagen

Here’s Why You Should Be Drinking Collagen

(10 minute read)

The wellness community has their eyes on a new health and anti-ageing trend: drinking collagen. Collagen is a $4Bil industry and the protein substance that is referred to as the “glue” that holds our bodies together. We have an abundance of it. It makes up about 25 percent of our body mass and can be found in bones, ligaments, tendons, hair, nails, muscle, connective tissue, organs and blood vessels. An astonishing 70 to 80 percent of our skin also consists of collagen which is what gives it its full and plump look. Unfortunately the body’s natural cell turnover and supply of collagen tends to decrease from 25 as we age. So, in come the supplements to make up for any potential deficiency.


Our Favourite Longevity Smoothies

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These days it seems you cannot go anywhere without coming across the best, latest, tastiest, most exquisite, most delectable, trendiest new smoothie recipes. And we agree, there are some mouth-wateringly delicious smoothie recipes out there. However, can they be categorised as “smart-health” or “longevity”? We think that if you apply these 2 filters then the list does become quite (if not “very”) short. So, since we are a “look good, be healthy and live long” company we have decided to showcase some of our favourite longevity smoothie recipes.

Live Long Or Be Healthier

Live Long Or Be Healthy?

(10 minute read)

It won’t be long after you start down the rabbit hole of longevity before you end up being confronted by a myriad of action words that you thought meant the same thing but seemingly get used interchangeably; longevity, life extension, anti-ageing, smart-health, Longevity Escape Velocity (LEV), immortality, etc. All you want to do is live long and prosper and now you have to decide wether you must extend your life, become immortal or get yourself some…longevity? Is that even how you say it? What is longevity anyway? Do you get it? Do you have to work at it? How do you know once you got it? How long does it take and how long does it last? As if that is not complex enough what does “life extension” have to do with “longevity” (or is it “anti-ageing”) and what does “smart-health” have to do with any of it?

Image of The Science Behind Vitalge Life Force

The Science Behind Life Force

(15 minute read)

In this post we will be explaining the fantastic mode of action Life Force (our premium life extension supplement) has. We will do this by giving away just enough of our “trade-craft” to make you more knowledgable, yet still remain mysterious. In years gone by, when big Pharma had the monopoly, the science and IP were positioned as “trade secrets” which existed behind curtains to which only a privileged few had access – certainly not James Average. Because at Vitalge we say things like “let food be your medicine”, “don’t live to eat – eat to live” and “we believe in healthcare not sickcare”, it is important to us that you understand how Vitalge and its products can help you.

A picture of a Telomere

What Are Telomeres?

(3 minute read)

Telomeres are the two protective endcaps at the end of each of your chromosomes (the molecules in most of our cells that contain your genetic information). The easiest way to explain telomeres is to compare them to the plastic endcaps on your shoelaces. They are responsible for cell division and also protecting the chromosome from freying. As long as they are able to successfully divide and recreate your DNA code the intent of your cells stay in tact.

Adaptogens - The New Awesome

Adaptogens – the new Awesome!

(3 minute read)

Imagine being able to take a medicine that has the power to go through your body and automatically identifies what is wrong. Imagine a medicine that is so intelligent and so powerful that it stops, fixes what is wrong and then without skipping a beat moves onto the next problem. We live in a modern world where that sounds like the holy grail of medicine, or a miracle cure.