Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Our products stack well with a wide range of supplements, including all our other ranges, but also other brands. All our products are contra-indicated for people taking chronic heart, mood, blood and related prescription medication. As a matter of good practice we do suggest that you work with your healthcare professional to optimise the different supplements the you take and that you try and limit the range of supplements you take. Please consult our product labels for more information.

Our products are developed for people who want to be healthy and stay healthy – an approach that will result in an extended healthy lifespan. Our products are developed as part of a proactive “be healthy” approach rather than a reactive “treat sickness, illness or disease” approach. 

No. You cannot use our products while pregnant or nursing.

Not at all. Immortality is 99% myth. There are however members of the science and research community (including us) that are working tirelessly on treating and beating ageing. Ageing is a lifestyle disease that has as much to do with how you live as what you ingest. Our products will help play a noticable role in raising the overall level of your health and act as a major catalyst towards improving other aspects of your wellbeing. All of this combined will help you be healthier and live longer.

If you have a known or pre-existing sensitivity to our products or some of the ingredients in our products we strongly suggest that you consult a healthcare professional before starting on our products. For our skincare range we recommend doing a patch-test to confirm any allergic reactions.

Since our supplements are mostly food-grade extracts it is highly unlikely that you will be able to overdose on our supplements. That said, we do strongly recommend that you stick to the RDA (Recommended Daily Allowance) as set out on our labels or stick to the dose as prescribed by your doctor/s.

Our products are developed to supplement the body’s ability to perform optimally once the ageing process starts. Generally this process of atrophy starts from age 25 and continues throughout life. However, because our products are 100% natural and contains no harmful fillers or additives it is safe to be used by younger adults. We would however strongly suggest that you consult a medical professional should you wish to introduce our products into their daily routine.

Payfast is an efficient and secure payment gateway that is used by most online stores in South Africa and offers you multiple payment options. After completing the purchase process you will be redirected to the secure external Payfast payment platform. Once successful you will receive confirmation and an email. We will start the process to get your package to you as soon as possible. To learn more about PayFast, you can visit their website HERE.

KnownCommon Side Effects include:

– Dry mouth

– Light headedness

– Gastro-intestinal irritability

We deliver nationally in South Africa. Our preferred courier company does not deliver on weekends, and public holidays. We typically see a 48 hour turn-around-time, but to avoid disapointment we always quote 5 working days. Should you wish to track your package please contact us and we will give you your tracking number.

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