How To Boost Your Immune System (And Lung Function)

How to boost your immune system

Boost Your Immunity, Lung Function (And Energy) with These Super Foods

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In order for a virus to infect your body it must enter your cells to enable it to survive. This is because viruses cannot replicate on their own, instead they must hijack your cellular infrastructure and leverage it to make copies of themselves. Once enough copies have been made, infected cells burst open and new copies of the virus is released and freed to infect neighbouring cells.  Boosting your cellular NAD+ levels and sirtuin activity may be a good way to boost your immune system and lung function and protect yourself from viral infections. You can boost your NAD+ levels through supplementation, but there are certain superfoods that gives you a natural push.

Food That Boost Your Immune System

  1. Astragalus — sometimes referred to as the “upright” herb this super herb packs a mean punch
  2. Barley — either in soups, as a hot cereal, or ground in bread
  3. Beans — all kinds: black beans, pinto beans, garbanzo beans, blackeyed peas, lentils
  4. Fruits — all kinds, especially those with hard red, orange and yellow  skins.
  5. Goat’s milk — consumed by Sardinian shepherds, used sparingly in pastas, soups, and grated over vegetables, it is rich in zinc and selenium, which are essential for optimal immune system activity
  6. Nuts — all kinds: almonds, peanuts, walnuts, sunflower seeds, Brazil nuts, cashews
  7. Oats — slow-cook or Irish steel-cut are best.
  8. Olive oil — green, extra-virgin is usually the best. Note that olive oil decomposes quickly, so buy no more than a month’s supply at a time.
  9. Resihi mushrooms — the king of all medicinal mushrooms, mix it into your morning smoothie or youghurt 
  10. Sweet potatoes — don’t confuse with yams.
  11. Shiitake mushrooms — in soups, sauces, or stir fries, they contain more than 100 different compounds with immune-protecting properties

Food That Boost Your Lung Function

  1. Apples — the phytochemicals found in apples has been shown to decrease oxidative stress and inflammation.
  2. Bananas — studies show that the potassium found in bananas helps the lungs contract and expand, which can prevent breathing problems.
  3. Garlic — sometimes eaten pickled on Okinawa, garlic is one of nature’s most powerful natural medicines possessing powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties that can help protect against oxidative stress.
  4. Ginger — a potent spice that has been extensively studied for its medicinal properties, especially when it comes to lung health.
  5. Greens — leafy greens like kale, spinach, chards, beet tops and fennel tops are jam-packed with essential nutrients that can support lung health.
  6. Green or herbal teas — Green tea contains theophylline, a powerful compound that acts as a bronchodilator to improve airway function and ease breathing difficulties.
  7. Salmon — as one of the top lung cleansing foods, salmon is a great source of anti-inflammatory omega-3 fatty acids.
  8. Turmeric — one of the best foods for your lungs thanks to its content of curcumin. Use as a spice or a in a tea.

Factors That Negatively Influence Your Immunity

  1. Too much sitting — a 2012 study in a noted health journal found that being chronically sedentary can negatively impact immune system health and function. 
  2. Overtraining — while too much sitting certainly impairs the immune system, the other extreme — overexercising — can do the same.
  3. Negativity — an often-cited major study found people with a more positive mindset experienced a more robust immune system response overall.
  4. Fear — signals danger to our bodies, setting up a fight, flight or freeze response that can send a shockwave through the body, including one’s immune system.
  5.  Alcohol — consistent alcohol overuse is not beneficial for health overall, including immune system health, so it’s best to not overdo it.
  6. Loneliness — has been shown to, at least indirectly, negatively affect the immune system. One study showed that people who get daily physical affection are far healthier that people who live alone.
  7. Processed foods — fried foods, baked goods, fast food, convenience meals, white bread, pasta, crackers, chips, tortillas, bacon, salami, bologna, lunch meats, soda, fruit juice, sweet tea, sports drinks, energy drinks, syrup, table sugar, agave nectar, molasses.

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