Lets Talk Food and Eating

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Lets Talk Food And Eating

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There is a lot you have to know about food if you want to be healthy – trust me – I had to learn the hard way, taking the long way round. So, please, take the time to get to know your body and at least know the basics about the basic food groups. In the end though it is really quite easy. You have to eat the right food at the right time. You have to eat enough, but not too much. You have to eat at the right time of day and with the right intervals. Easy! Right? Right!

There is a lot of technicalities that has to do with ketones, calorie restriction, putting your body under stress, etc which, if you are interested, you can learn more about by following the link below. Here however is the short answer: Miss a meal. Eat a “largely” plant-based diet 3 times a day. Do this within 8 hours of each other. Go on a water-fast the other 16 hours. Stay away from the dreaded BDD (Beer, Dairy, Dough). Done. Here is an example: 

Start the day with a high-fat coffee, skip breakfast. Have brunch at 11, a snack at 3 and dinner at 7. Do all of this while downing two to three litres of spring-water.

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