Live Long Or Be Healthy?

Live Longer Or Be Healthier

Live Long Or Be Healthy? (Or Both)

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It won’t be long after you start down the rabbit hole of longevity before you end up being confronted by a myriad of action words that you thought meant the same thing but seemingly get used interchangeably; longevity, life extension, anti-ageing, smart-health, Longevity Escape Velocity (LEV), immortality, etc. All you want to do is live long and prosper and now you have to decide wether you must extend your life, become immortal or get yourself some…longevity? Is that even how you say it? What is longevity anyway? Do you get it? Do you have to work at it? How do you know once you got it? How long does it take and how long does it last? As if that is not complex enough what does “life extension” have to do with “longevity” (or is it “anti-ageing”) and what does “smart-health” have to do with any of it?

Let’s take it one step at a time. In another one of our posts we talk about the difference between life extension and anti-ageing. You can find that post HERE. In short though anti-ageing refers to the aesthetics of ageing (skincare, botox, laser, etc) and life extension talks about the act of living longer through nutrition, lifestyle, exercise and supplementation. It is OK to get these two confused because they have been used interchangeably for so long, but in recent years there has been a clear differentiation between them. They have become two separate and very different fields of study and industries.

Another word (or group of words) that comes up quite a bit these days are “Longevity Escape Velocity”.  Coined by futurists Peter Diamandis and Ray Kurzweill, it is a phrase that explains the rate at which science and research is catching up with human ageing. Think of it like two cars on a race-track – the one catching up with the other. Imagine the front car is you as you age. Imagine the rear car is science and research finding new ways to extend human lifespan, every day catching up on the front car. The front car (you) age 1 year every 365 days. Now image the rear car (science and research) finding ways to extend your life with 1 year every 182 days. In this analogy that would mean that science and research would be able to extend your life with 2 years every 1 year. The rear car would catch (and eventually overtake) the front car. Once that happens, science will be able to extend your life – hence “Longevity Escape Velocity”. From what we know as we go into 2020 the velocity of science and research is at about 20% at the moment. That means that we are currently able to add approximately year for every five lived.

Companies around the world are doing extensive research into what causes ageing, what stops ageing and what promotes longevity. Companies like Vitalge are investing large sums of money, time and energy into anti-ageing and life-extension research. As you can see the terms longevity and life extension can be used interchangeably since they mean and explain the same principle and/or concept. People who are able to extend their lives are long-living thereby promoting their longevity. Longevity is a state that is achieved by people who actively seek out ways to extend their lives. Thanks to the work done by committed individuals across the globe we now know that many life-extension tools exist and, if done or used correctly, could almost certainly have a positive impact on a person’s life expectancy. 

This brings us to health. You simply cannot expect to live long if you are not healthy. To be able to even start thinking about living long you have to at least be healthy. If you want to live longer you have to take your health seriously and to extend your life you have to really kick things into overdrive.  Think of your health as a 4-stage system. Bad, Good, Better, Best:

  1. BAD: If you are in bad health your chances of living as long as you were supposed to in the first place are slim to none. If you smoke, eat junk and canned food, drink everything except water, don’t exercise, are sedentary, have no social life and don’t live a goal oriented life, your chances of making it into your 60’s are slim to none.
  2. GOOD: If you are in Good health you are able to check some of the items listed above off the list. You are by no means a poster child for healthy living, but least your life is not in complete shambles. 
  3. BETTER: Just because you take your Omegas every morning, go see the doctor when you are sick, joined the gym at the beginning of the year and get 8-hours of sleep every night, do not think you are extending your life. Sure you are starting to do some good work towards increasing your longevity, but you need to do the right kind of exercises, take the right kind of supplements and eat the right kind of food.
  4. BEST: Now we’re talking. You’ve realised that life extension is not just something you do. You’ve realised that it is a way of life – a life-long commitment to excellence in every aspect of your life. You have realised that it is not about getting treatment for when you are sick, but actually about being healthy all the time. 

So, as you can see longevity and health go hand in hand, but it is new kind of health – smart health. It is the kind of health that does not just focus on sick-care, it is the health that has a future-focused healthcare approach built in. It is eating, drinking, breathing and supplementing with the goal of not just being healthy, but being healthier for longer. It is doing all of this so you can escape your own unnatural and early, age-related demise. 

Let’s go back to the Omega supplement example of before. Don’t get me wrong, Omegas are good for you. I am not saying you should not take it. What I am saying is that science and research have found rather conclusively that there are certain pathways that only get activated when you do certain exercises, live in a certain way and take certain supplements. These pathways are NOT stimulated by your usual, run-of-the-mill off the shelf gym programs and supplement stacks. You have to know what you are looking for in a supplement and a company that claims to have a product that promotes longevity. 

But if you supplement right and you are able to set your life up in such a way that it supports your desire to be the right kind of healthy, you will almost certainly automatically extend your life.

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