Longevity vs. Anti-ageing

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Life-extension vs. Anti-ageing?

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Confused? Don’t be! Turns out there is a fairly simple explanation. Initially, many years ago when science just started looking into how they can extend lives they referred to the industry as the “anti-ageing” industry and their products (obviously) as “anti-ageing” products. Given the scientific limitations of the time scientists were only focussing on (and referring to) the outward effects of ageing – your skin, hair, wrinkles, etc. Fast forward multiple decades and scientists in a far more advanced and modern world have started investigating life extension from an inside-out point of view calling it…you guessed it…”life-extension”.

So, these days each industry fits neatly into its own little box; anti-ageing refers to skin care or the external treatment of the effects of ageing. Life-extension or longevity refers to the internal (cellular) science relevant to how ageing takes place at a cellular or mitochondrial level. 

Both industries are billion dollar industries. The anti-ageing industry is set to have a market cap of $330bil by 2021. Similarly the life extension industry will grow from $110bil in 2019 and peak at a cool $600bil by 2025. So the players in the anti-ageing industry want to sell you botox, fillers, serums, moisturisers, day creams, night creams – you get the drift, while life extension companies want to sell you cryo therapy treatments, NAD+ therapies and infusions, stem cell harvesting, telomere lengthening drugs, etc. So, you can see it is two very different ways of looking at the same problem – two sides of the same coin if you will.

So, do you want to look better or live longer or look better living longer or don’t you care or do you want to live forever?

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