Our Mission

We want to help preserve life.

Our products are for people who believe that they can look better and grow older by being healthier. 

We focus our efforts on creating quality products for people who want to treat and beat ageing and age-related diseases to increase their healthy longevity. 

Our commitment to you is that by engaging with us you will get access to products with a hyper-specific focus on ageing.

We have seen how some of todays scariest diseases can be successfully managed using nutraceutical products. We will search for, find and make available to you the best preventative solutions for health, vitality, ageing and age related diseases.

We are committed to leaving no stone unturned when it comes to our search for naturally growing and/or laboratory prepared health promoting, age defying and life extending herbs, supplements and products. Our nonstop search have led us to Traditional Chinese Medicines in China, Japan and Korean, Ancient Andean Medicines in Peru, Ayurvedic Medicines in India and all the way back to state-of-the-art research laboratories in South Africa and as far abroad as the USA and the UK.

The result is a line-up of the best ingredients the ancient and modern worlds have to offer when it comes to slowing down ageing and the effects of ageism, fighting age-related chronic diseases, promoting healthy longevity and extending healthy life expectancy.

The Vitalge range of nutraceutical supplements are specifically sourced, formulated and produced with our single mission in mind – to help you look young, retain your youthful vitality and live healthier for longer. We live up to this with our products which have a highly effective dose of quality whole food and plant extracts, and active ingredients that are:

  • Bio-available and highly absorbable over longer periods.
  • Delivered to the targeted areas for optimal effect and benefit.
  • Have been shown to be effective after short periods of time.

It is our mission to help. We want to help preserve life. We want to help our customers take back their power and live quality lives. We want you to grow strong again, live long and enjoy every moment of living healthier for longer!