Our Quality

Address the world's biggest age-related health problems.

As fellow South Africans we are heavily invested in your health, vitality, strength and wellbeing. That is why we created a quality framework for our products. This framework holds us to the highest local and international standard and brings you the best results nature and the laboratory has to offer.

  • Verifying the constituents and ingredients upon arrival, during production and after manufacturing allowing for full traceability.
  • Working with experts and licensed partners who aspire to the highest levels of purity, accuracy, screening, efficacy and stability.
  • Protecting animal rights where possible, discouraging animal testing and avoiding the use of animal derived materials and/or products.
  • Sourcing our products from renewable and sustainable sources and working with companies who employ responsible labour practices.
  • Shipping in the most sustainable, renewable, recyclable and efficient way possible.
  • Collaborating with accredited partners in developing innovative new products that address the worlds biggest age-related health problems.

We could brag about our cGMP standards, quality control, our unique product lines, etc…but that is not in our DNA. Instead, we will let our products speak for themselves. Our ingredients are widely researched, scientifically validated and found abundantly all around. This is deliberate so you can see a meaningful impact in your life. Bringing together the best the world has to offer – we want to see you live healthier for longer.