Our Story

A family legacy to nourish and preserve life

Vitalge is a South African biomedical company built on 3rd generation values of help, healthcare and healing. Having passed the baton from grandfather to father to son, Vitalge continues down an almost 90 year old family tradition of bringing life-changing healthcare from our family to yours.

Fusing together the timeless art of “compounding” with the best modern research and development has to offer, Vitalge comes full circle to bring you contemporary and revered solutions in preventative health, anti-ageing, vitality and longevity healthcare.

For us this is more than just a business. Having seen one too many family member and far too many friends suffer through or succumb to chronic diseases that could have been prevented or avoided by supplementation (not to mention diet, exercise, lifestyle, mindset and sleep) we took a stand. We agreed that as long as we are alive and had hope we would forge ahead with the family legacy of nourishing and preserving life. We researched life extension, longevity, anti-ageing, chronic diseases, age related diseases, NAD+, cell senescence, epigenetics, telomeres, telomerase…and that was just the beginning. It took us years, but we methodically and painstakingly put together a portfolio of the most profound ancient botanical and contemporary supplements, extracts and compounds. After thousands of years of use or thanks to medical trials, our ingredients have been shown to help reduce the signs and symptoms of ageing, push back the onset of chronic diseases and extend health, vitality and life.

Vitalge produces 21st century, next generation quality products specifically sourced and manufactured by us and shared with you so that you can curb ageing and live healthier for longer.