Glow Aftershave Serum (30ml)

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Imagine finishing your morning shaving routine with your skin feeling youthful, hydrated and invigorated. An incomplete shaving routine can lead to tired, malnourished and prematurely ageing skin. Using only pure ancient essential oils, Glow Aftershave Serum™ is a men’s grooming product designed to protect the agitated layer of skin left exposed after shaving.

Glow Aftershave Serum™

Who Is Glow Aftershave Serum™ For

  • Men suffering from dehydrated skin looking to regain a youthful suppleness and elasticity.
  • Those looking to cool, calm, refresh, revitalise and invigorate their skin after shaving.
  • Men looking to invigorate and feed their malnourished skin at a deep level. 
  • Individuals who want to fight the visible signs of ageing.


Watch your fine lines get ironed out, see your sun-spots lighten and notice elasticity being brought back, leaving your skin looking nourished, younger and feeling soft.


Regular shaving removes the top protective layer of your skin leaving it raw, exposed, vulnerable and prone to irritation and premature ageing. Glow Aftershave Serum™ has been formulated to nourish, protect and regenerate your skin at the deepest level.

Using Glow Aftershave Serum™ expect a cool, calm and relaxing sensation whilst experiencing refreshed, rehydrated, revitalised and re-energised skin.


  • Rosehip Oil
  • Squalane Oil
  • Macadamia Oil
  • Frankincense Essential Oil
  • Myrrh Essential Oil
  • Rosemary Essential Oil
  • Peppermint Essential Oil

1 review for Glow Aftershave Serum (30ml)

  1. Anonymous

    I developed this product for the modern man who knows how to take care of himself! Cornelius Joubert ~ CEO, Vitalge

    Not all men use an aftershave, but they really should. Some men still use an alcohol-based cologne formulated to close pores and act as a disinfectant for cuts and nicks. Other men use a balm which could have an anti-bacterial action but only momentarily soothes the skin. In almost all cases though the skin of the face and neck is left feeling dry, tired, tight and dehydrated – all factors that lead to prematurely ageing skin.
    Our Glow Aftershave Serum™ replaces the need for an aftershave cologne or balm. Formulated with ancient anti-ageing essential oils, Glow Aftershave Serum™ nourishes your skin at the deepest level regenerating and protecting your skin. Glow Aftershave Serum™ leaves your skin feeling cool, calm, hydrated, refreshed, relaxed and energised al day long.

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