Immaculate Immune Supplement (60 Capsules) 3 Month Supply

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Immaculate Immune™

Imagine your immune system as a complex shield protecting you against the bacterial and viral world. Your overall wellness depends on the performance and strength of your immune system. Without an optimally functioning immune system your body cannot fight off and protect you from viral and bacterial infections and rogue cells. Immaculate Immune™ is a 100% plant-based, whole herb product containing Resihi (the king of all ancient adaptogenic herbs) with ingredients from China, India and Siberia that strengthens, boosts and modulates your immune system.

Who Is Immaculate Immune™ For:

  • Those who are susceptible to (viral and/or bacterial) upper espiratory tract infection, constantly getting the flu, who suffer from seasonal allergies.
  • Especially people suffering from a compromised immune system or low white blood cell  count (phagocytes, lymphocytes) leading to infectious diseases.
  • Anyone looking to fight off, or help avoid, antigens, foreign pathogens and tumour growth.
  • Individuals who are concerned about, and want to improve, their heart, lung and/or vascular health.
  • Those traveling to (or from) a different country or climate.


Helps; boost the immune system, provide an improved immune system, is immune modulating and gives immune support.

Helps; protect the respiratory system, promotes nourished blood and healthy cardio vascular and heart function.

Helps; reduce inflammation and oxidation, improve cell health and promotes healthy longevity.

Helps; improve endurance, boost energy and enhance stamina.


The formulation of our products are based on the success we have achieved with our premium product, Life Force™. We have taken what Life Force™ has to offer as a broad spectrum anti-ageing and longevity biohacking supplement and with Immaculate Immune™ built a hyper-specific product that addresses Immune function.

Immaculate Immune™ has both an immune boosting, strengthening and modulating function. Because of these important factors Immaculate Immune™ has been formulated to have the ability to build up your immune system, protect you against pathogens (microbes) and also to alter the state of your immune system to protect you against diseases. Immaculate Immune™ is:

  • Anti-viral
  • Anti-bacterial
  • Tumour-fighting
  • Anti-allergenic
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Anti-oxidant


  • Astragalus (310mg)
  • Eleuthero (137mg)
  • Reishi (273mg)

1 review for Immaculate Immune Supplement (60 Capsules) 3 Month Supply

  1. Karen

    I’ve been taking your Life-Force since you launched (which by the way is awesome), but I’ve especially enjoyed the “Immune Boosting” benefits I have received. I used to get the flue/common cold up to 8 times our year. Now I maybe get it once a year. I recently started taking your Powerful Performance as a performance supplement in the morning before I go to Gym and I am now going to stack Powerful Performance with Immaculate Immune to further improve the benefits of the ingredients. Thanks!

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