Magnificent Mind Supplement, 720mg (60’s)

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Research shows that a reduction of higher brain function, memory, focus and inspiration are early warning signs of dementia and the decline of cognitive function. Executive function can be improved through diet, supplementation and lifestyle changes. Magnificent Mind consists of a unique combination of natural adaptogenic herbs and is a 100% plant-based, whole herb botanical noootropic supplement.

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Magnificent Mind is a 100% plant-based, whole herb natural nootropic.

Magnificent Mind May Help With:

  • Executive function, memory, retention, recall and mental acuity
  • Mood, anxiety, depression, intuition and stress
  • Creativity, inspiration, motivation and memory
  • Cognition, concentration, focus and attention
  • Healthy brain longevity
  • Neuroprotection

Non-GMO | Gluten Free | No Fillers or Additives | Vegan Friendly

Additional information


White, Recyclable, HDPE screw-top container
Size 00 Vegan Capsule


Serving size: 720mg (1 Capsule)
Gotu Kola


Adults and children over 12 years
Recommended Dosage: 2 capsules per day
Take 2 capsules daily in the morning or as prescribed by your healthcare professional.
Alternatively open 2 capsules into your breakfast smoothie/cereal.
Patients with a known sensitivity to the ingredients, with pre-existing gastro-intestinal conditions or on chronic medication start with a lower dose and work up to the maximum dose.
Nutritional supplements do not replace a balanced diet.


If you are conceiving, pregnant, nursing, on chronic medication or have a known sensitivity to any of the ingredients please consult your healthcare professional before taking this product.
Discontinue use should you experience any adverse effects!
This product has not been evaluated for its intended use by SAHPRA.
This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.
%NRV not yet established.
This product should be complemented by a healthy diet and a regular exercise plan.

Side Effects

Dry mouth
Light headedness
Gastro-intestinal irritability


Store at/or below 25degrees Celsius in a cool, dry and dark place.
Keep out of reach of children.


The HDPE container for this product is manufactured in a CGMP facility.
Both the container and lid is 100% recyclable.
If the container and lid is disposed of in a responsible manner neither they nor any of their by-products will end up in the earth or the atmosphere.

4 reviews for Magnificent Mind Supplement, 720mg (60’s)

  1. Stephan Malan

    I pre-ordered my stash of this product…I was sceptical but a friend of mine uses their life force pills and is very happy…so I thought id give it a try…and my, am I glad…enuf said

  2. Amanda Joubert

    I’m 70 and used to think memory loss was part of growing old. Now, thanks to “Magnificent Mind” I surprise myself with the things I am able to remember.

  3. Siobhan Yeatman

    I noticed that while taking this supplement, my drive and inspiration was at an all time high. I ploughed through to do lists with ease, and my brain didn’t feel like mush at the end of the day. Along with this, I was getting a full night’s sleep every single night, and it was great quality sleep too! Absolutely recommend!

  4. Nicole Moila

    Magnificent Mind has assisted me to concentrate and improved my memory retention. Over the past month I have been using the product. I am more alert and more attentive.

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