Adaptogens – the new Awesome!

Adaptogens - The New Awesome

Adaptogens - The New Awesome!

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Imagine being able to take a nutritional supplement (Eastern or Western – doesn’t matter) that has the power to systematically work its way through your body and automatically help it adjust to the environmental or physical stresses you are experiencing. Better still, Imagine it is so intelligent and so powerful that it does not just identify what’s wrong, it also stops, fixes, and then, without skipping a beat, moves onto the next problem. It sounds like medical science fiction  or a miracle cure, right? Nope – it is just a class of ancient herbs called Adaptogens. And what is really amazing is that they have been around, tried and tested for +/- 4000 years.

We live in a modern world where medical science has been able to achieve a lot – but not what Adaptogens are seemingly able to achieve so easily and with such great success. Just like their name implies – they “adapt” themselves to whatever disease, state, stressor or pathogen they are fighting. Unlike antibiotics adaptogens don’t kill off good and bad bacteria indiscriminately – they identify areas where homeostasis is out of balance. Because adaptogens are natural and organic – tonic herbs – they are easily absorbed and metabolised into the body allowing them to efficiently go to work.

So what are some adaptogens? Almost all Adaptogens are food-grade herbs, but not all herbs are Adaptogens. Adaptogens generally hail from Traditional Chinese Medicines and Ayurvedic medicines – but not always. Examples are Ginseng, Ashwagandha, Reishi, and many more.

In the modern world adaptogens play a very important role in the treatment of ageing and age-related diseases. Adaptogens have been shown to have a clinically significant impact on cancer cells, diabetes, the common cold, dementia, cardiovascular disease and osteoporosis. Some of the documented effects are:

    • Increased energy and vitality
    • Increased immunity
    • Higher executive function
    • Adaptability under stress
    • Quicker recovery time
    • Reduced accumulative effect of stressors
    • Reduction in symptoms related to age-related diseases 

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