The Science Behind Life Force

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The Science Behind Life Force

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It is not easy developing a new product, any product, especially if it is a dietary supplement – pharmaceutical or nutraceutical. There is the research, then there is the testing, the sampling, the quality control, the supply chain management, the manufacturing standards…and then there is the documentation. If you consider all the time, resources and intellectual property that goes into the process, it is completely understandable that some drugs end up costing as much as they do. Cost aside though, the pure science involved in deconstructing and then reassembling molecules and one or more constituents that make up a drug, tablet, capsule or supplement is just staggering and if you pay close attention really quite impressive.

In this post we will be explaining the fantastic mode of action Life Force (our premium life extension supplement) has. In years gone by, when big Pharma had the monopoly, the science and IP were positioned as “trade secrets” which existed behind curtains to which only a privileged few had access – certainly not James Average. Because at Vitalge we say things like “let food be your medicine”, “don’t live to eat – eat to live” and “we believe in healthcare not sickcare”, it is important to us that you understand how Vitalge and its products can help you.

The best place to start is with the ingredients.

In our different ranges we have different manufacturing philosophies, but for our “Botanical” range we exclusively use a class of ancient herbs called “Adaptogens”. If you’ve never heard of Adaptogens and you want to read more about them you can find an article in another one of our posts HERE. For the sake of this article though (and for everything to make sense) Adaptogens are a class of ancient, food-grade herbs. Adaptogens can be found all over the world, but they are mostly concentrated around the ancient world – China, India, Peru, Egypt, etc. Because they date back to the ancient world their “modes of action” have been obviously studied and proven over thousands of years. As an example – in the case of Chinese herbs some of them have been traced back as far as 4,000 years to the Ming Dynasty and their medicinal benefits noted by the likes of Shennong (and others).

Not all Adaptogens have the same action though and as a result Adaptogens are placed into different categories. The class that we are most interested in at Vitalge are called “Tonic Herbs”. Generally all Adaptogens positively influence long term health, but tonic herbs have a very specific impact on longevity. For Life Force we have selected what we deem to be the seven most superior tonic herbs that play the biggest role (and have been proven over thousands of years) in maximising healthy human longevity [read: life extension].

Below we will quickly list them and give a short motivation on why we chose them:

Ashwagandha – Longevity , Anti-Anxiety, Anti-Biotic, Anti-Depressant, Anti-Inflammatory, Anti-Oxidant, Arthritis, Balance, Brain function, Cancer-fighting, Cholesterol control, Hormone balancing, Mood enhancing, Neuroprotector, Increases energy, Immune boosting, Stress management, Weight control.

Astragalus – Longevity, Anti-Inflammatory, Anti-Oxidant, Cancer-fighting, Cholesterol control, Diabetes preventing, Heart health, Immune boosting

Eleuthero – Longevity, Anti-Inflammatory, Endurance, Increased energy, Improved brain function, Mental acuity, Stress management, Qi tonic.

Gotu Kola – Longevity, Anti-Anxiety, Anti-Bacterial, Anti-Inflammatory, Anti-Oxidant, Anxiety management, Improved brain function, Cancer-fighting, Improved cognition, Hair growth, Immune boosting, Joint repair, Improved memory, Improved mood, Improved skin.

Ginkgo Biloba – Longevity, Anti-Oxidant, Anti-Anxiety, Anti-Inflammatory, ADHD, Aphrodisiac, Allergies, Improved brain function, Cancer-fighting, Increased energy, Improved heart health, Immune boosting, Improved memory, Improved mental acuity, Improved mood, Improved skin, Improved vision.

ReishiLongevity, Anti-Bacterial, Anti-Oxidant, Anti-Inflammatory, Anti-Viral, Allergies, Improved brain function, Cancer-fighting, Improved cardio Vascular health, Cholesterol control, Increased energy, Hormone function, Immune regulator, Respiratory function, Improved skin.

Rhodiola – Longevity, Anti -anxiety, Improved brain function, Improved cognition, Increased energy, Improved heart health, Immune boosting, Improved mood, Stress management, Vitality, Weight control, Qi Tonic.

* Keep in mind we are not making medical claims here.

So, what makes Adaptogens so special? The best way to explain it is that they are the ancient world’s answer to “nannobots”. It is natures way of sending self-programmed food-grade medicine into your body. Adaptogens have the fantastic ability to swarm through your body, identifying as they go where the shortcomings or imbalances are, fixing it as they go and bringing your body back to homeostasis (the state your body should be in where everything is working perfectly and is in harmony). When your body is in homeostasis it is able to adapt (hence the name) with, very little effort, to stressors placed on it by the internal and external environments. Don’t confuse stressors with stress. Stress itself is a stressor. We are talking about stressors such as bacteria, viruses, tumours, infections, dementia, disease, illness, stress (off-course), etc, etc.

So, (and this is where the rubber hits the road) in order to understand how “Longevity or Life Extension” (and by association Life Force) works, you first have to understand a bit of basic biology.

All life consists of cells. At its most basic level all organs are made up of cells. For cells to exist (and in fact for all life to exist) they need energy. That energy is generally generated from lifestyle choices, but mostly generated from the food (or supplements) that we take. At a cellular level that energy is called NAD+. Without NAD+ we can literally die within minutes – seriously – so you can see why NAD+ is important. The more you are able to ingest the right food and/or supplements the more your body is able to stimulate the production fo NAD+. The more NAD+ you have in your cells the more energised they (and ultimitaly you) become and the more they are able to “liven up”. The more they liven up the more youthful they (and the organs they make up) become. Conversely, you can imagine that as your cells loose their energy, the organs they represent loose their youth, vitality and ability to function optimally. Imagine a hibernating moth vs. a hive of bees.

Fun Fact: All cells start out the same (sperm and egg) and depending on how they are “switched on” they turn into different organs.

Let’s quickly pause here and recap. Cells need a generous amount of energy (called NAD+) to stay young and perform their duties optimally. Unfortunately, as we age, due to poor lifestyle choices and as a result of a lack in a nutrient dense diet our levels of NAD+ deteriorate over time. However, Adaptogens (tonic herbs) have been shown over thousands of years to provide cells with (what we now call)  NAD+ energy which energises cells (and organs) which promotes health and longevity.

By way of example let’s take the brain. A whole bunch of cells come together and divide and accumulatively they make up the different parts that ultimately make up the brain. As long as they have enough NAD+ the brain (and its parts) performs optimally – mood is intact, memory and recall works, creativity and reasoning is at 100% and mental acuity and cognition is faultless. Over time, with age and thanks to genetics and poor lifestyle choices the cells loose their energy, they die (the correct scientific term is the turn senescent), they don’t move as fast anymore, there is less of them, they stop dividing and before we know it dementia sets in memory starts fading and mood swings become an everyday occurrence. The same is true for the decay of the musculoskeletal system, the cardiac and vascular system, the nervous system, the lymphatic system, the endocrine system, vision, hearing, smell, skin, etc.

The IMPORTANT part is that if you reintroduce NAD+ precursers by way of supplements, lifestyle or diet you revitalise the human body at a cellular level resulting in the slowing down of ageing and/or the reversal of age-related diseases.

“The surge of energy you feel in the first hours and days after starting on Life Force is literally the awakening of your cells and the rebirth of their energy (NAD+). Your ability to extend your life is captured in that very moment.”

But wait – we are getting ahead of ourselves.

Let’s take a closer look at James Average again. James is 45, he works 14 hours a day and has a family history of cardio-vascular disease, he has (from the outside at least) a good life, a loving wife (Mary) and a happy family, but he knows he can be healthier, he wants to extend his life and live both healthier and longer. He has heard of Adaptogens, he has heard of Vitalge, he has heard of Life Force. So, he asks Mary to order the product online and 2 days later he starts taking 4-a-day.

What happens? How does Life Force work?

Vitalge - The Science Behind Life Force

Well, 3 things happen.

The first we have explained – The Adaptogens go to work re-energising the cells at a cellular and mitochondrial level. Because James is overworked, does not eat right or exercise regularly he will feel an immediate surge of energy as his cells come back to life (remember the bees). James will feel more energised, he will feel an upsurge in his vitality, he will experience an increase in his endurance (in the bedroom and the boardroom), James will sleep better and he will see an improvement in his concentration. But this is just step1. All that has happened so far is the Adaptogens have brought James’ cellular energy back up to where it was supposed to be all along. Now comes step2 – the Adaptogens go to work fixing James from the inside – making him healthier, stronger, more resilient and most importantly the Adaptogens identify the issues with his cardiac and vascular system (and if possible attempt to fix them). Remember the Adaptogens have been pre-programmed by nature to do whatever they can to bring the body back to homeostasis. It is important to note here that James’ primary goal may be longevity as seen through the lease of his cardio-vascular family-history, but the Adaptogens may also find other systems that need fixing – some of which James may-not-even-be-aware-of. 21st Century examples of this may be tension, blood pressure, mood, gut health, vision, skin condition, taste, etc.

Here, Mary (James’ wife) needs a quick mention – she is a stay at home mom who does Yoga, meditates, has time to eat healthy and generally sleeps well. The most stress she ever experiences is traffic as she runs the kids around for extra-murals in the afternoons. She decided that even though her motivation was different to James’ she also wanted to experience a healthy and long life so when she ordered James’ Life Force she also ordered herself a month’s supply. Now, when the Adaptogens arrived inside her body they did not find reduced NAD+ levels (because she has been taking care of herself) nor does she have a family history of chronic disease. So when James started talking about his surge in energy and improved vitality she could not relate.

Was she wrong to order Life Force? NOT AT ALL!

Remember Adaptogens are clever little things. Because they had no work to do in step 1 and 2 in Mary they went straight to work on step 3.

Fun Fact: Who we become, how we age, what disease we suffer from and ultimitely what happens to our health is just 20-25% genetics. That means that you have 75-80% control over positively influencing your family history and the outcome of your health and longevity.

So – what then is step3?

Step 3 is the maintenance phase or Life extension science. The Adaptogens have brought James’ energy back up to normal levels. They have repaired James from the inside and made him more resilient against the onslaught of disease, illness and sickness. Now that James is healthy and his body looks right, feels right and works right (just like Mary’s) he is now in good shape to stay healthy and live long.

Let’s just make one last stop and investigate how that can be. Think about it. Can you expect to live long/er if you are sickly? No! Can you expect to extend your life if you are in tip-top shape? Off-course! So naturally you want to keep doing more of what you are doing to stay healthy (taking Life Force) and less of what you did when you got sick and suffered from illness or disease (eating refined food, not exercising, smoking, drinking excessively, stressing, not sleeping enough, not laughing, etc, etc).

Thousands of years of knowledge, thousands of tests and thousands of Vitalge capsules later we can confirm that the longer you take Adaptogens the harder they work at keeping you healthy, the more Adaptogens you have working for you the more they stave off ageing by blocking age-related diseases. also, the more Adaptogens you take over a long period of time the younger you will feel, the less you will be susceptible to age-related disease, the healthier you will be, the longer you will live and the better you will look.

Let’s take that last concept one step further – to its extreme. Can you expect to slow down or reverse ageing if you don’t exercise, don’t sleep enough, don’t meditate, don’t eat right and don’t supplement? No, off-course not!


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